4 For Profit Organizations

4 Your Cause will help your organization have a meaningful impact on your community while allowing your organization to focus more on what you do best.

Benefits of Being a Socially Responsible Organization

  • Help an organization’s image and build it’s brand.
  • Demonstrate how the organization’s resources can be used for good.
  • Build morale
  • Increase the productivity of the organization’s team

Benefits of Engaging with 4 Your Cause

  • 4 Your Cause will help you connect with an organization that aligns with your organization’s core beliefs
  • 4 Your Cause will ensure that the effort shines the optimal and most authentic perception on your organization and your brand
  • 4 Your Cause will minimize the impact that fundraising efforts can have on the focus of your team in performing their regular job duties
  • 4 Your Cause will maximize the reach within your organization to ensure greater involvement of your whole organization