Online Fundraising Events

Don’t Cancel Your Events – Reimagine Them

In unprecenteded times caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) you don’t have to wait out the current events. Become the event to attend with social distancing included.

The world may have slowed down, but needs of the people you serve and support have not.

Nonprofit resources are limited and that is just one reason that 4 Your Cause was formed. 4 Your Cause was created to supplement the resources and to help do things differently.

Services That 4 Your Cause Can Provide to Help You Succeed

For events benefiting validated 501 c(3), the comprehensive services listed below can be provided for between $500 and $1000.*

  • Event websites
  • Event hosting platform configuration
  • Online silent auctions
  • Event social media
  • Event promotion (Email, Direct Mail, Phone Solicitation)
  • Event scripting and / content
  • Video equipment acquisition and configuration

*Costs exceeding $1000 are generally, impacted by a greater number of silent auction items, number of phone solicitation and / or the equipment you choose to support video quality for the hosts or presenters.

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